The SCM-115T Vibroscreen is ideal for a loader with a bucket measuring 5 cubic yards. The SCM-115T Vibroscreen has a screen surface of 115 square feet. The drum of 4’ diameter X 12’-3” offers a capacity of screening of up to 100 cubic yards per hour.

The material is loaded by from above in the hopper’s superior section. The material passes through a hydraulic grizzly integrated with a remote control. The material is fed to the drum by means of a supply conveyor that features an exclusive anti-jam system, which reduces the feeding speed depending on the load in the drum. The drum is driven by four hydraulically independent wheel drives. The screening material is fed by a 30” wide conveyor that allows stock piling of the screening material of 10’-2”.

The robust and efficient construction is designed to further a transport and a quick installation, to facilitate the operation and thus minimize operating and maintenance costs.

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